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How Pop Culture Failed Me | Reflections on Trans Geekdom

Violet revisits pop culture from the 80s through today via the perspective of a jaded transwoman, deciding which have aged poorly and which ones stand the test of time.

Feb 25, 2019




Which ninja turtle are you,

Video games,

Usagi Yojimbo,


Valium pizza,

Vanilla Ice,

The movies,

Not scientifically accurate,


Care Bears?

Feb 19, 2019

Green Lantern doesn't make sense

Superman is better when he's sci-fi

Hal Jordan: ultimate dickhead

Insect planet

Continuity Crisis

Doctor Midnight, actually, Captain Midnight is a youtube channel

I somehow didn't say Marv Wolfman's name

Do I know anyone who lives in the multiverse?

The monitor's plans don't make sense


Feb 11, 2019

The normal and the bizarre

A B-movie that never ends

Normal means something different

Low budget appeal

Not making sense > boring characters

The perfect mom

You have to be willing to leave

Role models

The upgrade

Dr. Who 7/8 Remix incorporating themes by Ron Grainer, Delia Derbyshire, and Murray Gold

Feb 4, 2019

Magneto (turns the tables)
Real Life Villains (buy the tables)
HAL 9000 (reads your lips)
Undertale (reads your mind)
Dr. Horrible (tragic evil straight)
Sailor Moon (tragic evil gay)

Jan 28, 2019

Observations from library work.

Amelia Bedelia


Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH


Puns in mystery titles